Saanich Peninsula Hospital Exhibit

Debra Olson & Leslie Hunter, co-chairs, are making some exciting changes
to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Art Exhibition, beginning with the following mission statement:

“The SPAC Hospital Art Exhibition is dedicated to the premise that arts & culture can do for the healing spirit what treatment & technology can do for the ailing body. SPAC strives to present an exhibit that encourages thoughtful contemplation, offering patients, staff & visitors a chance to experience the healing soothing & inspiring powers of creative expression. It is the hope of SPAC to encourage both the participation & the interest in art and culture.”

Photography is now being accepted– we welcome work in that medium. All works must meet SPAC hanging standards as always. Also new is the opportunity to hang artwork in the hospital’s Board room. In addition, there will be more SPAC artwork hung in the main entrance hallway, as the hospital clears out its permanent collection from that area, as well as in the Executive Hallway. Full information will be given out next month.

The number of SPAC artists bringing in work to be hung is down, and the number of pieces under glass is especially low. If you have not entered work previously, you may want to consider this viable venue! The number of entries has been increased, to 6 pieces total, with a maximum of 3 non-glass entries. This is due to lack of space for hanging non-glass work. Only art under glass may be hung in acute and extended care halls, due to Infection Control directives and the need to clean should an outbreak occur.

SPAC Hospital Artwork Registration Form