New Date for Furtado Workshop

Please see his workshop page for more details. Seats available!

New Members-Only Portal

The Feb. 8th virtual general meeting saw the launch of SPAC’s new members-only portal which will host resources, such as back-issues of Art Chat, governance material such as Board minutes, and even a forum for the exchange of art ideas, art-related tips & techniques, as well as a buy & sell section. And more will be coming as we ramp up this member resource.

To join, you must apply (so we can limit access to just SPAC members). To do so, click on the Login link on the side bar, or select the Login item from the About menu up top.

SPAC 2021 Spring Show Update

We are extremely disappointed to announce the cancellation of the 2021 SPAC Spring Show in April. There are numerous reasons:

  1. The new unknowns of the Covid-19 variants appearing, combined with the problematic delivery of vaccines, makes the future safety of a large gathering impossible to predict.
  2. Our host venue, Mary Winspear is governed by those same unpredictable facts, which makes their ability to direct our activities increasingly difficult.
  3. We could continue to plan month by month, but we feel that putting our efforts into a virtual show, with a sure outcome, would be time better spent.

Thanks to all my volunteers who have done so much work already. Much of this preparation will be used in our next show!

Wendy Woollard
2021 SPAC Spring Show Chair

Mini-Workshops Going Ahead

  • Mini-Workshops Going Ahead
    Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 5th, 2021), the Mini-Workshops team watched Dr. Henry’s press conference with interest, and met afterwards to decide the future of this year’s event. The Mini-Workshops team decided to continue with our workshops since our activities are allowed (being small, low-intensity gatherings) with the appropriate health protocols in place. Please click on the … Continue reading

POV Update: The Winner Is…

After our friends at the Sidney Shutterbugs submitted the finalist images to SPAC for the POV Challenge, our members voted and selected a winner. Read more about the winning image, the POV Challenge, and our association with the Shutterbugs on the POV page.