Artist Bio – Kerry Whelan Seifried

My work focuses on the natural world, interpreted through a life-long association with large bodies of water, hills and mountains and the practice of gardening.

Most of my paintings are about place – places I’ve explored, vistas I’ve seen, neighborhoods I’ve lived in or gardens I have cultivated. I want to use paint as a language to tell the stories of these magical places – we are so lucky to live where we do, there is inspiration not far from our front door.

I particularly like to simplify the complexity of the landscape when painting, to get down to its essence and communicate the wonderful relationships we see in nature.  David Hockney’s landscapes are a great inspiration; while Mike Svob’s use of colour is another influence. Susan Woolgar has inspired my use of texture.

I started painting seriously in 2016 after many years of quilting, pottery and watercolour painting.  You may have seen my work in local shows and I was honoured to win Juror’s choice awards in the SPAC Spring Show twice. 

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