Point of View Challenge

The Point of View Challenge is taking place once again this season. Once again this year, thanks to the Sidney Shutterbug Camera club, we had a wonderful selection of photos to choose from for our Point of View event. By popular vote of SPAC members, this year’s inspiration work is “Fishing Village”, by Frank Davies.

For this is fun and popular SPAC activity, we will choose ONE photo and everyone does their interpretation of the photo. This doesn’t mean you just paint the picture as is! Use the photo and create your own version – you might just use a small part of the photo; you may create a back door scene (what is through the door in the building?); you may make a college; you may make a pottery piece; you may make something very abstract. You may do ANYTHING you want using the chosen photo – be creative, have fun, no limits. It is always amazing how creative people get with this project.

Remember, Point of View is just that: YOUR point of view of this photo.

So, to all the photos offered this season by the Shutterbugs, please click on the button below to be taken to their website.


If you have any questions, please contact spacmem@shaw.ca

The Point of View exhibit will be displayed at the Mary Winspear Centre for the months of March and April, 2021.

SPAC & The Sidney Shutterbugs Camera Club:
A Creative Collaboration

The Point of View (POV) Challenge is a yearly event involving members of SPAC and our good friends at the Sidney Shutterbugs Camera Club.

Each fall, the Sidney Shutterbugs sponsor a club competition that kicks-off their membership year. From the member-submitted photographs, the Shutterbugs vote for the top ten qualifiers which are then presented to SPAC members who, in turn, vote for one winning image. This Artists’ Choice serves to inspire artistic creations by SPAC members in any medium, from painting to drawing, pottery to fabric, wood to paper, using the chosen photograph as a jumping-off point.

To learn more about the Sidney Shutterbugs and their activities, visit their website at https://www.sidneyshutterbugs.ca/. Use their “SPAC Point of View” menu to view a collection of the POV Artists’ Choices and Qualifiers from the last few years. Their site also features several other image galleries of Shutterbugs’ photography as well as their event calendar and other club information.