Mini-Workshops Going Ahead

Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 5th, 2021), the Mini-Workshops team watched Dr. Henry’s press conference with interest, and met afterwards to decide the future of this year’s event. The Mini-Workshops team decided to continue with our workshops since our activities are allowed (being small, low-intensity gatherings) with the appropriate health protocols in place. Please click on the Health Protocols item in the table of contents on the Mini-Workshops Students page for more information about our health-related policies.

The team understands that our decisions will affect each member in a different way; in the end, we must all weigh our own situation against any risk, and we will respect decisions about whether or not someone wishes to continue to participate. If you feel that you can no longer participate, please notify us as soon as possible at so that we can inform the instructor or students of your class.

Registered students will receive a link to a health screening survey with each workshop reminder email. We have been asked, “why do we need to do a health form?” This is a requirement of BC health regulations and must be completed 48 hours in advance of the class by everyone. This form must include a valid phone number. We are required to keep this information for 30 days in the event the information is needed by tracers.

If necessary, you can find the health survey here.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding!

Lynn Calliste & Sharon Hetherington
Mini-Workshops Chairs