Marvelous Mini-Workshops, February 2024!

REMINDER: You must have a SPAC 2024 membership to participate in Mini-Workshops. To renew your membership, log into the members-only website with your email and password. Then go to the “Your Account” tab to renew. Please contact our Web Administrator, Susan Nawrocki, at or call 778.433.0199 if you need help renewing.

Marvelous Mini-Workshops, February 2024 – Opens for registration January 1, 2024 at 9:00 am.

This page provides critical general information concerning this event, our health protocols and the registration process. See the Table of Contents below for navigation shortcuts.

If you have problems or questions that aren’t answered on this page, please contact the Mini-Workshops team at

Once you have registered for workshops, it’s possible to view which ones you have registered for. To do this, you must have saved a password when you booked your classes. If you did so, you can login to the website and view your registered workshops. You can also review the confirmation email you were sent when you registered: it has all of your classes listed. Have fun!!

Table of Contents

Fees and Payment

You can register for workshops by purchasing an attendance ticket for each desired workshop. The base registration fee is $15.00 per workshop session, plus any additional fee for instructor-supplied materials, if applicable. (See the Materials Fee section for more details.)

You will be able to pay for your workshops using the secure online payment system. You are not confirmed until your payment for the workshop(s) has been received

1.      You must pay online at the time of booking. You can pay using a credit card, or VISA/MasterCard debit card ( this can be used only if it has a 3-digit CVV on the back and an expiration date). E-transfers, cheques and cash are not accepted. 

2.      In-class payment of fees is not permitted.

3.      Payments are non-refundable (see Health Protocols and Refunds section).

4.      Registrations are non-transferrable between classes or members.

Once you have finished adding workshops to your cart, click on the Book Now button to start the payment/checkout process. (Note: Do not click on Book Now before you are ready to pay, as you will lose access to your cart and tickets if you navigate away from one of the payment pages before completing payment.).

Once you start the payment process, your seats are temporarily reserved. You have 10 minutes to complete the booking process, otherwise the system will consider your cart abandoned, in which case your workshop seat(s) will be returned to the pool.

Materials Fees

There may be a mandatory additional fee of up to $15 for tools and supplies which will be specified in the workshop and/or ticket descriptions. The materials fee must be paid at the same time as the workshop fee and is incorporated into the cost of the ticket. You cannot pay for supplies at the workshop.

Some workshops may have an optional material fee, in which case the Instructor will supply the list of materials that students need to bring, if not purchasing them from the Instructor. Be sure to read the workshop description for each ticket carefully before making a decision about which option to choose because you will not be able to purchase these optional materials from the Instructor at the workshop and could end up unable to participate in the class.

Registration Limits

There are no limits to the number of workshops for which you can register.

Automated Wait-list

Each workshop has a maximum number of students that can be accommodated. If the class is full, you can put your name on the waitlist by clicking on the Join Waitlist button on the website. No payment needs to be made at that time. We encourage you to put your name on the waitlist because additional sessions may be provided if there is enough demand.

If a seat becomes available for a wait-listed workshop, the system will automatically notify the first person on the list via email – at which point that person will have 30 minutes to register for the workshop. After that grace period, an email will be sent to the next person on the list, and so on. Anyone who receives that notification email may take the seat on a first-come, first-served basis.

Multi-Part Workshops

There may be some workshops that have more than one part/session, and they appear in the calendar as “Courses”.  This allows us to accommodate a workshop (such as pottery, for example) where the process can only go so far in a single session, needing time in between for drying, for example, before continuing on with the next steps. 

See the workshop description for a list of all the session dates and times, which is important as subsequent course sessions are not displayed in the overall schedule calendar. Please only register for a course if you know you can attend both sessions.

Note that the cost for a course is higher than for a single workshop, at $15 per session. The full cost must be paid at the time of registration. You only need to register once for both sessions for a given course.

Volunteer Tickets

Each workshop needs volunteers to assist with a couple of simple tasks at the start and end of the workshop. Each workshop has two tickets identifying members registering as volunteers for the workshop.

Have no fear, volunteers will be fully able to participate in the workshop! We thank those volunteering for their assistance; we will be in contact with you to discuss your responsibilities. Do not select this ticket unless you are able to assist at the beginning and end of the workshop.


All in-person workshops will take place at MAOA, the McTavish Academy of Art (1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich, BC). We will be using the large, light-filled studio with the woodburning stove at the back of the building.

Health Protocols and Refunds

We will hold this event while adhering to all BC government health policies. We will be evaluating any new restrictions on gatherings regularly and will adjust our policies and reschedule or cancel workshops as required. Registered students will be contacted about changes to their schedules.

Refunds will be offered for workshops cancelled or rescheduled by SPAC or the Instructor. No refunds will be otherwise provided for non-attendance.

Register for Your Workshop(s)

Click on the button below to register for your workshop(s).

Contact Us

If you need assistance with registering or have any questions, please send us an email at

Heather Maciak (Chair), Myrna Borleske (Co-Chair), Melinda Neal and Kathy Demchuk 
Your 2024 Min-Workshops Team