Fabulous February Mini-Workshops are a Go!

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February 6, 2021

This page, while long, provides some critical general information concerning the workshops, our health protocols and the registration process. See the Table of Contents below for navigation shortcuts. (If you wish to jump to the mini-workshops schedule right away, click here.)

Reminder! Your SPAC membership must be up to date for 2020-21 to participate. Please renew or take out a membership today! (You can do so right now here.)

If you have any problems or questions that aren’t answered by the information on this page or in the training video, please see the Contact Us section at the bottom of this page.

Have fun!!

Table of Contents

Fees and Payment
Materials Fee
Two-part Workshops
Volunteer Tickets
Health Protocols
How to Register
Workshop Schedule
Contact Us

Fees and Payment

You will register for workshops by purchasing an attendance ticket for each desired workshop. The base registration fee is $10.00 per workshop session plus any fee for instructor-supplied materials, if applicable. (See the Materials Fee section below for more details.)

You will be able to pay for your workshops using BookWhen’s secure online payment system or offline via e-transfer. Your seat is not reserved until the booking process has been completed. E-transfers must be received within 24 hours of booking or you will lose your seat(s). You are not confirmed until your payment for the workshop(s) has been received. You have several options for paying for fees:

  1. You may pay online at the time of booking. You may pay online using a VISA or Master Card, debit card (if it has a 3-digit CVV on the back), or PayPal account. (Both are processed using PayPal’s payment portal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card, nor are you obligated to sign up for a PayPal account.)
  2. You may pay offline by e-transfer. Send your payment to treasurer@spacsociety.com. You must include the BookWhen reservation code–which you will receive in your initial confirmation email–in the e-transfer note field or you may lose your seat(s). NOTE: before sending the e-transfer, you MUST check the email address you have registered in your banking software as this has changed from last year. If you are prompted to enter a password for the e-transfer, you are using the WRONG address. If the transaction shows as “pending” then, again, you have used the wrong address. SPAC is not responsible for misdirected payments.
  3. Cash payments and cheques are not being accepted this year due to health protocols.

Once you have finished adding workshops to your cart, click on the Book Now button in the cart view to start the payment/checkout process. (Note: Do not click on Book Now before you are ready to pay, as you will lose access to your cart and tickets if you navigate away from one of the payment pages before completing payment.). Once you start the payment process, your seats are temporarily reserved. You have 10 minutes to complete the booking process, otherwise the system will consider your cart abandoned, in which case your workshop seat(s) will be returned to the pool.

If a workshop for which you are registered is re-scheduled or cancelled then you will be notified as soon as possible of the change and, where necessary, your payment will be refunded.

Materials Fees

There may be a mandatory additional fee of up to $15 for tools and supplies (“materials”) which will be specified in the workshop and/or ticket descriptions. The materials fee must be paid at the same time as the workshop fee and is incorporated into the cost of the ticket. You cannot pay for supplies at the workshop.

Some workshops have optional material fees, in which case the instructor will supply the list of student-supplied materials for those purchasing the appropriate ticket. Be sure to read the workshop descriptions carefully before making a decision about which option to choose because you will not be able to purchase these optional materials from the instructor at the workshop and could end up unable to participate in the class.

Registration Limits

There are no limits to the number of workshops for which you can register.

Automated Wait-list

Each workshop has a maximum number of students that can be accommodated. If the class is full, you can sign up for a wait-list (no payment needs to be made, nor do you need to go through the checkout process for wait-listed classes). We encourage you to put your name on the wait-list, even if there are already a large number of people on the wait-list, because some instructors have indicated that they would be willing to put on additional sessions if there is enough demand. The wait-list is how we judge that demand. To join a wait-list, click on the Join Waitlist button in the workshop description area.

If a seat becomes available for a wait-listed workshop, the system will automatically notify the first person on the list via email, at which point that person will have 15 minutes to register for the workshop. After that grace period, an email will be sent to the next person on the list, at which point both the first and second person can take the seat. The process is repeated until everyone on the waiting list has been notified or until the seat is taken by one of the notified people. Any of the notified people on the wait-list can take the seat, and the first one to do so gets it. Note that this grace period may be subject to change without notice.

Two-part Workshops

There may be some workshops that have two parts/sessions, and they appear in the calendar as “Courses”.  This allows us to accommodate a workshop (such as pottery, for example) where the process can only go so far in a single session, needing time in between (for drying, for example) before continuing on with the next steps. See the workshop description for a list of all the session dates and times, which is especially important as subsequent course sessions are not displayed in the overall schedule calendar.

Please only register for a course if you know you can attend all the sessions. You only need to register once for all the sessions for a given course.

Note that the cost for courses is higher than a single workshop. The full cost must be paid at the time of registration.

Volunteer Tickets

Each workshop requires volunteers to assist with a couple of simple and easy tasks at the start and end of the workshop. Each workshop has two tickets identifying the person selecting them as a volunteer for the workshop. Have no fear, volunteers will be fully able to participate in the workshop! We thank those volunteering for their assistance; we will be in contact with you to discuss your (few) responsibilities.


All workshops will take place at the McTavish Academy Of Art (1720 McTavish Rd, North Saanich, BC).

COVID-19 Health and Safety

We have worked with McTavish Academy Of Art (MAOA) to ensure the safety of all our members. The following policies will be enforced during the mini-workshops:

  • Members will be required to fill out and return a health screening survey 48 hours before their workshop.
  • Members will be asked to stay home if they are not well.
  • Members will be reimbursed if they cancel their attendance of a workshop.
  • Before entering MAOA, students must put on a face mask. A clean non-medical face mask is mandatory at all times within MAOA except while sitting at your desk (see below). A triple-layer mask is recommended.
  • Before entering the classroom, students will be asked to sanitize their hands and their workstation (chair & table), and possibly to sign into the class and verify their contact information, and put their used pen into the designated holder for cleaning.
  • To ensure physical distancing, the maximum size of workshops will be limited to 10 students this year, with each student having their own individual 3’ X 6’ table.
  • Crowding around the instructor’s table for demonstrations is not allowed. We are working on a camera and TV setup so that everyone can see what the instructor is doing.
  • A face covering of some sort must be worn during the workshop while working at your desk. While a (triple-layer) face mask is strongly recommended, a face shield is an option here. We have secured an order of Canadian-made shields @ $3 each. To order one, please choose the Face Shield Purchase item at the top of the workshop schedule. You will pick it up at your first workshop. (Keep in mind, however, that when physical distancing is not possible, a mask must be worn regardless.
  • Each attendee will be responsible for sanitizing their work area and chair at the end of the workshop. We will provide all cleaning materials. If you wish, you may bring gloves for your personal use.
  • Do not crowd the wash-up area when cleaning any tools at the end of class.
  • Members will be asked to depart promptly to allow us to prepare the room for the next workshop. Those participating in morning and afternoon classes on the same day must vacate the premises during the interval between classes. Eating is not permitted within the building.

Members will be reminded to practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene at all times. Hands sanitizing is required before entry to the room and regular hand washing is strongly recommended. There are sanitizer stations throughout the building.

We may be opening the classroom windows to increase air circulation. It is therefore recommended that participants dress in layers and bring a sweater.

These policies are subject to change. We will continue to work towards a safe event for all members and we will incorporate any guidance published by BC Health.

How to Register

Before heading to the schedule and registering, please take a couple of minutes to watch the follow short (<5min) training video. This will show you the BookWhen interface and explain how to register for workshops.

Note: the above training video shows how the BookWhen site looks when using a PC or Macintosh with a typical ‘landscape’ oriented monitor. If you are using a ‘portrait’ oriented phone or tablet, BookWhen displays the schedule vertically in a single column and does not display the details of a given workshop until you click on its entry in the schedule. Even then, the description of the workshop is hidden–you must click on the “>” symbol to the right of the Information header to see the workshop description and materials list.

When you are ready, click the button below to go to the list of workshops.

Contact Us

If you have technical problems or questions, please make sure you have read this page fully and watched the video first. Most issues will be addressed there. If you are still having problems, please report them to us using this form.

If you think that you will need assistance with registering right from the start, please contact as the address below and let us know. We will assign someone to help you.

If you have any general questions, please send us an email at miniworkshops@spacsociety.com

Lynn Calliste
Mini-Workshop Chair