2022 Mini-Workshops – Call for Instructors

SPAC’s fabulous February Mini-Workshops will be happening once again during the month of February 2022.

A popular SPAC event for members only, mini-workshops are designed to provide an inexpensive opportunity to try different mediums and techniques in a fun and friendly environment.

This season will see more workshops scheduled on weekends, a probable relaxation of Covid occupancy limitations (but always subject to provincial health orders), and an increase in the instructor’s (and student) fee from $10 to $15 per student—the first increase since the Mini Workshops event was introduced many years ago.

Call for Instructors

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, skill and creativity for a half-day mini workshop, now is the time join us for this fun activity!

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, skill and creativity for a half-day mini workshop, we want to hear from you! To become an instructor, please click on the button below to be taken to SPAC’s members-only website where, after logging in, you can read the Call for Instructors news article which contains the link to the registration form. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, November 30 [updated-Ed] at 11:59pm 

Returning instructors who wish to offer the same class as in previous years, we have improved the application form to make it easier and faster to apply. But first, you’ll need to take a look at your previous workshop listing to see what workshops you (or others) may have offered. For last year’s event, please take a look at this link. You can also see what was offered Feb. 2020, the first year we used Bookwhen, by clicking here. Take a note of the details and any changes you might wish to make for this year. 

If you do not have a login for the members-only website, please click on the Register link on that page. Once your membership status has been verified, you will be notified of your account’s activation and you can follow the instructions above.

Please contact the mini-workshops team (miniworkshops@spacsociety.com) if you have any questions about becoming an instructor, or our website administrator (webadmin@spacsociety.com) with any questions or problems about the members-only website.

Call for Volunteers

We are also looking for a couple of volunteers to assist us with the preparation of this event. Together we are stronger and makes for lighter work. If you are interested in in finding out more, please contact us via email.

Questions? We can be reached at miniworkshops@spacsociety.com

We look forward to working with you!

Note About Materials & Fees

You will need to provide a list of materials that you (the instructor) will be providing, if any, as well as the list of materials that the students need to bring to the class themselves, if any. These lists will form part of the course description so that students know what they are getting involved with.

We will also again be collecting the materials fee at the time of registration. This fee will be paid to instructors at the same time as the class registration fee in March.

For instructors who are charging a materials fee, it is expected that this fee will include all the items needed to have a positive experience in the workshop, and any additional items that the student need to provide will be minimal.

For those instructors not charging a materials fee, we would like to encourage you to keep the cost of additional material the students need to purchase to a reasonable amount to make these workshops accessible to more of our members. Where possible, students can be encouraged to purchase items as a group to keep costs down.