SPAC Privacy Statement

The Saanich Peninsula Art and Crafts Society (SPAC) is dedicated to protecting any personal information collected as part of your membership with us. We do not share your personal information with any third party except if required to do so by law.

As our mission is dedicated to offering promotion, support, education, marketing and social events to our members, by choosing to become a member and participating in SPAC sponsored activities, you are consenting to:

• Having your name, address, contact information, art interests and personal website, if applicable, published in a membership list used only for the purpose of SPAC communications and our e-newsletter – Art Chat.
• Having any images of your artwork and yourself taken at SPAC sponsored activities published in Art Chat, included in the marketing of an event or on our website to promote the benefits of membership.

As we greatly respect an individual’s right to privacy, if you do not wish to have your personal information included in the membership list or do not agree to have images of your artwork or yourself published, it is important that you check the appropriate statements on your membership form.

Although your position will be recorded, due to the number of SPAC members, we ask that members make it known to any photographer at the beginning of an event/activity that they do not wish to have an image taken of their work or themselves.

Click here to download and print the Statement.