2021 Spring Show

Artist Information

Firstly, thank you to all members who responded to our survey regarding a spring show in 2021. Special thanks to Kate Compton who managed the survey for me.

The survey showed that there were plenty of artists interested in displaying art and enough willing volunteers to make the show a GO for 2021.

Mary Winspear is also enthusiastic to have our “in-person” show, with strict COVID-19 compliance based on current rules. Obviously, if things change, whether for better or worse, that will be revisited.

For now, we forge ahead!

The show will have to look very different this time around. Here is some preliminary information:

  • Entry and payment will be online, the same as last year.  The form and info will be on the website. There will be “buddies” to help! The call for entries will start February 1, 2021. As always, you must be a member by Dec 31, 2020, to be eligible. The number of entries per artist has yet to be determined.
  • Art check-in will take place over two days rather than the usual one. Each artist will have a specific drop-off time assigned, which must be adhered to for physical distancing and traffic flow reasons. Mary Winspear does NOT want line-ups or gatherings.
  • The display will be hung in rows to provide one-way traffic flow through the exhibit with no crossover.
  • Art will be hung by artist, in zones, for easy access. Crafts and jewelry display will require special thought regarding sanitization and ways to prevent clustering of viewers.
  • Sales will be “cash and carry”. Each artist will be asked to enter an extra piece or two to replace works as they are sold. Jewelers and crafters should give thought to storing and packaging for sales.
  • Tickets will be sold in advance through Mary Winspear, on a set time-of-day entry basis. There will be limited tickets available, with only 40 guests in the hall at any one time.
  • Attendees will have a limited amount of time in the hall.
  • Artist pick-up will also be a timed affair, with individual time slots assigned to ensure physical distancing.
  • There will be no Patron Night, no jurying, and no gift shop.
  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask, probably use gloves, and/or hand sanitizer, and be socially-distanced.
  • Volunteers will sign up through “Sign Up Genius” as before. There will be no volunteer food provided. Volunteers will have to bring their own snacks, drinks, etc.

The social distancing, handling, traffic flow, etc. are all being dictated by Mary Winspear to conform with the government’s health rules currently in place. We are delighted that they want to host our show, and it is our responsibility to conform to those standards. Allotted times will be mandatory to make it work. We hope that our artists will understand.

I am very grateful to my Show Committee, most of whom have agreed to continue this year. I could not do it without them.

We are just at the beginning of the long process to mount this show. As details become firmed up, we will pass the information along on Art Chat, by email, and on this site.

For now, FINGERS CROSSED that the virus allows us to have our show.

Wendy Woollard, 2021 Show Chair