2021 SPAC Spring Show

We are extremely excited that the Mary Winspear Centre has agreed to host our 2021 SPAC Spring Art Show! There has been tremendous feedback from our artists and supporters who are all looking forward to our annual feast for the senses in this dark time.

Starting on Friday, April 23 and taking place over 3 days instead of the usual two, this season’s show will incorporate many changes required for safely holding an event in the shadow of Covid-19, changes that affect pretty much every aspect of the exhibition.

The show committee is hard at work arranging these details, many of which are undecided or unknown at this time. This page will be updated with all the details as they become available.

Our primary goal is to conduct an event that emphasizes Covid-19 health protocols to ensure the safety of all members and attendees. Besides mandating masks and hand sanitizer for all participants, the following changes are necessary in order to maintain physical distancing and adhere to BC Health guidelines:

  • While we intend to honour our loyal Patron Program members, our Patron’s Night Gala will not, unfortunately, be taking place. Patrons will, however, get an opportunity to purchase tickets prior to the general public. Other 2021 Patron Program benefits and details will be announced once they have been finalized.
  • Due to the limited space available and physical distance requirements, the 2021 show’s Gift Shop is cancelled.
  • To limit the number of people in the show at any one time, timed entry tickets will be available for pre-purchase from the Mary Winspear box office. (Timed in the sense that they are good for a particular time of day.) Each attendee will have a set amount of time in which to view the show.
  • The show will be organized with aisles and a one-way movement scheme. All works by an artist will be grouped together.
  • No food or drink will be allowed inside the event.
  • Mandatory assistants will be available in the jewelry section.
  • Purchases will be on an immediate “cash & carry” basis. Additional art will be hung/placed as works are sold.

There are still many questions to be answered and details to be finalized. As specifics become available, they will be added to this page. Please check back regularly.

SPAC member artists will be able to find more details about the submission of art to the show on the Artists web page once finalized.