Virtual Show Info

This year, we will be running a Virtual Show (VS) again, similar to that of last June, in order to complement the in-person show at Mary Winspear. The VS will feature the artwork displayed in the main gallery as well as items uniquely submitted to the virtual show.

The virtual show will be available for a preview session (no sales) for Patrons prior to the Patron’s Gala, and it will then be shot down for the weekend of the in-person show, and re-open for sales following the show, running until May 15.

All electronic show submission forms are located on the SPAC members-only website. Click here to be taken to the site, then login and open the “Spring Show Submissions” news article.

Note that the forms will not be available until the submission period begins.

The following instructions cover the submission to the virtual show. It is repeated in a news article on the members-only website. For more general information about the show, especially submissions for the in-person show, please see the Spring Show – Artist Info page.

The virtual show will be open for submissions at the same time as the in-person show, starting February 15th and closing March 20th at 6 PM.

If entering only the VS, then the entry fee is $25, payable by credit card or e-transfer. If entering either the main gallery, gift shop or both, then the entry fee for the VS will be waived ($0).


SPAC will take a 20% commission for items sold via the virtual show. If you volunteer to help mount the VS, then you will pay no commission. Please see the Spring Show page on the public website to see a list of open volunteer pre-show positions.

Artists will be responsible for contacting customers to arrange for the shipment or pick-up of purchased works (“delivery”). Any costs associated with delivery will be the responsibility of the artist and purchaser to negotiate as required.


For each work submitted to the VS, you must include one photo for paintings and other 2D art, and up to 4 images for 3D works. These pictures must meet the following criteria:

  • We will accept images in either JPEG (JPG) or PNG format (max. 8MB). iPad and iPhone users must read the “iOS” section below.
  • Pictures must be a minimum of 1000 pixels in both width or height. To verify the dimensions of your picture:
    • On a PC, right-click on the image and select Properties followed by clicking on the Details tab.
    • On a Macintosh, click on the image and press Command + I.
    • On an iPad, press on the picture in a folder and select Info.
  • Photos of paintings should be of the artwork only, and shouldn’t include the mat or frame, if possible. (You do not need to unframe your work: simply make sure all the painting is visible and as little of the frame and mat as possible). Please see the Artwork Photography Guidelines document on our public website for requirements.
  • Pictures that do not meet the minimum standards will be rejected and must be redone. If an adequate picture is not supplied for an item, it will not be included in the show.
  • Photo tip: use the original image taken from your camera. Don’t use an already-repurposed copy of of a picture you may have already posted to a website.

Special note about Apple iOS images

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, decided to introduce a new default file format for pictures with iOS 11: HEIF. While this is technically better than the JPEG format for storing images, nobody else is compatible with it, including us. The best time to fix this issue is when you are saving your image from your photo library to a folder on your device so that you can attach it to the registration form. The way to do this is to select Copy Photo as your share option, then exit your photo app and open the folder where you wish to save the image. Click inside the empty folder and select Paste. This will convert and save the image to the JPEG or PNG format. You can find an illustrated guide HERE.

If you have already made a submission with fewer than 4 items, and you subsequently wish to add more to a grand total of 4, then start a new form and answer “yes” to the question, “Are you adding items to a previously-submitted form?” on the Contact Details page of the form.

All artwork for sale must meet SPAC’s usual standards (available on the Resources page of this website or the sidebar of our public website). It is the responsibility of our members to ensure that art submitted meets these standards so that SPAC’s reputation for high quality is maintained.

If you have questions about standards or other issues related to the show, please contact

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